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What Does Jesus Like in a Church?  (1/13/19)

Lost Opportunities  (1/6/19)

Pearls from the Prophets

Pearls from Joel  (1/13/19)

Pearls from Obadiah  (1/6/19)

Paul's Prayers

Paul's Prayer for the Colossians  (12/23/18)

Paul's Second Prayer for the Ephesians  (12/16/18)

Paul's First Prayer for the Ephesians  (12/9/18)

Paul's Prayer for the Philippians  (12/2/18)

Paul's Thanksgiving for the Corinthians  (11/25/18)


The Kindness of God  (12/23/18)
The Spirit of Christ  (12/16/18)

Ten Things Elders Need to Remember  (12/9/18)
Are You Ready for Jesus' Return?  (11/25/18)
"Behold, He Is Praying"  (11/18/18)

Sound Doctrine: Studies in Titus

Doers of Sound Doctrine 2  (11/18/18)

Examples of Sound Doctrine  (10/28/18)

Opponents of Sound Doctrine  (10/21/18)

Proponents of Sound Doctrine  (10/14/18)

The Aim of Sound Doctrine  (9/30/18)

The Perspective of Sound Doctrine  (9/23/18)

The Source of Sound Doctrine  (9/9/18)

An Aged Apostle's Concerns  (9/2/18)


The Church  (10/28/18)

Are You Hungry?  (10/21/18)


We encourage you to listen to any of these recent sermons and study along in your Bible. Feel free to share these lessons with anyone you think would benefit from them.

As always, we are open to any questions you may have. We would love to study with you.