Issues that Divide

Instrumental Music in Churches of Christ  (6/2/19)

Is the New Testament a Pattern for Us?  (5/26/19)

The First Widespread Issue  (5/19/19)

Introduction  (5/12/19)


Perfect Gifts from Above  (6/2/19)


Memorial Days  (5/26/19)

Ananias  (5/19/19)

"Judge Not"  (5/5/19)


Fig Leaf Coverings  (4/28/19)

Five Pictures of Jesus' Death  (4/21/19)

The Great Invitation  (4/7/19)

Spiritual Red Flags - John McPherson

Declining in Spiritual Behaviors  (4/14/19)

Rejecting "Doctrine"  (4/14/19)

Seeking the "New"; Changing Positions (4/14/19)

Sinning Without Godly Sorrow (4/13/14)

Envying Sinners (4/12/14)

January - March

A Successful Builder's Heart  (3/17/19)

Frustrating the Grace of God  (3/10/19)

"Be Faithful Until Death"  (3/3/19)

Baptism  (2/24/19)

Repentance  (2/10/19)

Faith  (2/3/19)

Hearing  (1/27/19)

What Does Jesus Like in a Church?  (1/13/19)

Lost Opportunities  (1/6/19)

Pearls from the Prophets

Pearls from Malachi #2  (5/5/19)

Pearls from Malachi #1  (4/28/19)

Pearls from Zechariah  (4/21/19)

Pearls from Haggai  (4/7/19)

Pearls from Zephaniah  (3/17/19)

Pearls from Habakkuk  (3/10/19)

Pearls from Nahum  (3/3/19)

Pearls from Micah  (2/24/19)

Pearls from Hosea #1  (2/10/19)

Pearls from Amos #2  (1/27/19)

Pearls from Amos #1  (1/20/19)

Pearls from Joel  (1/13/19)

Pearls from Obadiah  (1/6/19)


We encourage you to listen to any of these recent sermons and study along in your Bible. Feel free to share these lessons with anyone you think would benefit from them.

As always, we are open to any questions you may have. We would love to study with you.

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