Nuggets of Wisdom

Proverbs 14  (7/15/18)

Proverbs 13  (7/8/18)

Proverbs 12  (7/1/18)

Proverbs 11  (6/24/18)
Proverbs 10  (6/17/18)


Four Samaritans  (7/8/18)

What Did You Do to Be Saved?  (7/1/18)


Lights in the World  (6/17/18)

Encourage One Another 2  (6/10/18)
Encourage One Another 1  (6/3/18)

Pictures of a Christian

A Servant  (6/10/18)

A Priest  (6/3/18)

A Foreigner  (5/27/18)

A Soldier  (5/20/18)

A Builder  (5/13/18)

A Member  (5/6/18)

A Branch  (4/29/18)

A Vessel  (4/22/18)

A Light  (4/15/18)

An Athlete  (4/8/18)

A Child of God  (4/1/18)


The Sermon on the Cross  (5/27/18)

Ruth's Choice  (5/13/18)

Simon and the Sinful Woman  (5/6/18)


Jeroboam's New Religion  (4/15/18)

Prayer in the Life of Jesus  (4/8/18)

Seven Responses to the Gospel  (4/1/18)

Family Matters

A Family in a Local Church  (3/25/18)

Caring for Parents  (3/18/18)

Honor Your Parents  (3/11/18)

A Balanced Approach to Discipline  (3/4/11)

Training a Child  (2/25/18)

Big Lessons for Little Ones  (2/18/18)

A Trio of Troublers  (2/11/18)

Seven Timeless Essentials  (2/4/18)

Love in Our Homes  (1/28/18)

The Family Focus  (1/14/18)

Foundation Principles  (1/7/18)

Christ in Prophecy
Christ in Prophecy: His Resurrection 1  (6/24/18)

Christ in Prophecy: His Death (Is. 53)  (4/22/18)

Christ in Prophecy: His Death (Ps. 22)  (3/11/18)

Christ in Prophecy: His Life  (2/11/18)
Christ in Prophecy: His Birth  (1/7/18)


The Darkest of Days  (3/25/18)

The Christian's Hope  (3/18/18)

Six Lessons from Saul's Ruin  (3/4/18)

"America's Preacher" vs. "Israel's Preacher"  (2/25/18)

Standing on the Promises  (2/18/18)

Conversion of the Ethiopian  (2/4/18)

Ahaz's Altar  (1/28/18)
Joseph's Bones  (1/21/18)
"The Way of Cain"  (1/14/18)


We encourage you to listen to any of these recent sermons and study along in your Bible. Feel free to share these lessons with anyone you think would benefit from them.

As always, we are open to any questions you may have. We would love to study with you.

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