Live Godly in the Present Age

Growing in Godliness (11/12/17)

A Powerless Form of Godliness  (10/15/17)

Challenges to Godly Living  (9/10/17)

Godly Worship  (8/13/17)

The Godly Approach to Finances  (7/16/17)

"Jealous with a Godly Jealousy"  (6/11/17)

The Godly Approach to Appearance  (5/21/17)

Dancing: Godly or Ungodly?  (4/9/17)

Technology and Godly Living  (3/12/17)

Social Drinking: Godly or Ungodly?  (2/12/17)

The Seven Wonders  (1/8/17)


Four Pictures of Peter  (11/19/17)

A Look at the First Christians' Assemblies  (11/19/17)

"Consider Your Calling" 3  (11/12/17)


"Consider Your Calling" 2  (10/29/17)

"Consider Your Calling" 1  (10/29/17)

"Such As I Am"  (10/22/17)

"Behold, I Thought"  (10/15/17)

Things That Are Excellent  (10/1/17)

Did Alexander Campbell Start the Church of Christ?  (10/1/17)


What Will Become of the Sinner?  (9/24/17)

The More Excellent Way 2  (9/17/17)

The More Excellent Way 1  (9/17/17)

Questions About Marriage  (9/10/17)

Paul's Religion  (9/3/17)

God in the Storm  (9/3/17)


The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree  (8/27/17)

"See That You Tell No One"  (8/20/17)

The Work of the Church  (8/20/17)

David's Morning Prayer  (8/13/17)

A Covenant with Myself  (8/6/17)

"And Jesus in Between"  (8/6/17)


Commandments for Canaan  (7/30/17)

In Christ  (7/23/17)

The Priesthood of Jesus 3  (7/16/17)

The Priesthood of Jesus 2  (7/9/17)

Sowing and Reaping  (7/9/17)

The Priesthood of Jesus 1  (7/2/17)

Cases of Conversion: Lydia  (7/2/17)


"To Him Who Overcomes"  (6/25/17)

"He Went About Doing Good"  (6/18/17)

Soldiers of Christ  (6/18/17)

Let Us Pray (6/11/17)

Zion's Citizen  (6/4/17)

Studies in 1 Timothy

The Right Focus  (6/4/17)

The Charge to Men of God  (5/21/17)

The Right Attitude  (5/14/17)

The Elder/Church Relationship  (4/30/17)

The Care of Widows  (4/16/17)

Instructions to Young People  (4/9/17)

The Mystery of Godliness  (3/12/17)

The Pillar and Support of the Truth  (3/5/17)

The Right Kind of Leaders  (2/12/17)

The Godly Woman  (2/5/17)

The Call to Prayer  (1/29/17)

The Good Fight  (1/15/17)

The Chief of Sinners  (1/8/17)

The Gospel Preacher  (1/1/17)


"Christ Set Us Free"  (5/28/17)

A Mother's Concerns  (5/14/17)


Why Are You Not a Christian?  (4/30/17)

The First Gospel Sermon  (4/16/17)

God's Ways Are Not Man's Ways  (4/2/17)


"Let Jerusalem Come to Your Mind" (3/19/17)

"Numbered with the Transgressors"  (3/5/17)


Can We Understand the Bible Alike?  (2/26/17)

The Healing at Bethesda  (2/5/17)


Indwelling: God in Us 2  (1/29/17)

Indwelling: God in Us 1  (1/22/17)

Did Jesus Teach "Once Saved, Always Saved"?  (1/15/17)

Don't Give Up  (1/1/17)


We encourage you to listen to any of these recent sermons and study along in your Bible. Feel free to share these lessons with anyone you think would benefit from them.

As always, we are open to any questions you may have. We would love to study with you.

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