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"It Is Too Much"; Joy in Trials  (1/13/19)

Am I a Good Hearer?; Christians on Trial  (1/6/19)


Saved by Grace  (12/23/18)

Is It for God?  (12/16/18)

God's Unalterable Word; Freedom  (12/9/16)

Family Lessons from Genesis; Doing Without  (12/2/18)


Rejoice!; "He Was Heard"  (11/25/18)

When Was Saul Saved?; Beware (11/18/18)

God's Word Is Calling; A Missing Member  (11/11/18)


Qualifications of Elders 4  (10/28/18)

Qualifications of Elders 3  (10/21/18)

Qualifications of Elders 2  (10/14/18)


Qualifications of Elders 1  (9/30/18)

Unacceptable Baptism; "Speaking the Truth in Love"  (9/23/18)

"With Wisdom Toward Outsiders"  (9/16/18)

 Saturdays or Sundays?  (9/9/18)

Gather Up Courage; Two Funerals that Said a Lot  (9/2/18)