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Saved by Grace  (12/2/18)

Is It for God?  (12/16/18)

God's Unalterable Word; Freedom  (12/9/16)

Family Lessons from Genesis; Doing Without  (12/2/18)


Rejoice!; "He Was Heard"  (11/25/18)

When Was Saul Saved?; Beware (11/18/18)

God's Word Is Calling; A Missing Member  (11/11/18)


Qualifications of Elders 4  (10/28/18)

Qualifications of Elders 3  (10/21/18)

Qualifications of Elders 2  (10/14/18)


Qualifications of Elders 1  (9/30/18)

Unacceptable Baptism; "Speaking the Truth in Love"  (9/23/18)

"With Wisdom Toward Outsiders"  (9/16/18)

 Saturdays or Sundays?  (9/9/18)

Gather Up Courage; Two Funerals that Said a Lot  (9/2/18)


How Often Should We Eat the Lord's Supper?  (8/26/18)

Lessons from a Genealogy 4; Terms for Sin  (8/19/18)

Lessons from a Genealogy 3; Abominations  (8/12/18)

Lessons from a Genealogy 2; Taking Away the Word  (8/5/18)


Lessons from a Genealogy 1; Our Spiritual Family  (7/29/18)

Flee!; Some Facts About Marriage and Divorce  (7/22/18)

Small Things; Sacrificing Children  (7/15/18)

When a Brother Wrongs You  (7/8/18)

Habits; Bible Classes  (7/1/18)


The Sinner's Prayer; "Do Not Be Afraid"  (6/24/18)

The Gospel; Bump  (6/17/18)

Commitment to Excellence; "Unbind Him"  (6/10/18)

The Incomparable Christ  (6/3/18)


Disciples Indeed; Despising God  (5/27/18)

Illumination by the Holy Spirit  (5/20/18)

That Card; "Wisdom Is Vindicated by All Her Children"  (5/13/18)

The Apostles' Question; What Became of Joseph?  (5/6/18)


Is the New Testament a Pattern?; Instead...  (4/29/18)

Sail Past Ephesus; The Preacher's Work  (4/22/18)

Struck Out Lately?; The Spirit of the Sons of Disobedience  (4/15/18)

Living in Fear; Methuselah  (4/8/18)

Raised with Christ; Set Your Face  (4/1/18)


The Ethiopian's Bible; The Bible Is a Library  (3/25/18)

Press On; Three Important Facts  (3/18/18)

The Church of Christ; Bibliolatry  (3/11/18)

The Right Hand of God; Whose Plan?  (3/4/18)


The Kindness and Severity of God; Don't Assume  (2/25/18)

Calvinism and the Parable of the Sower; Wake Up!  (2/18/18)

God's Plan; Using the Mirror of God's Word  (2/11/18)

A Porous Case; The Problem of Division  (2/4/18)


How Long Will Jesus Reign?; Finish the Job  (1/28/18)

Forgiveness of Sins; What Should the Sign Say?  (1/21/18)

"I Am Not Ashamed"; No Exceptions  (1/14/18)

Balance in Preaching; God in the Book of James  (1/7/18)