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"He Must Increase..."; Wise Words About Speech  (12/31/17)

Why I Believe in Jesus  (12/24/17)

Killing in the Name of God; The Bible Is...  (12/17/17)

What Have I Done?; Church Unity  (12/10/17)

Self-justification; Learned Attitudes  (12/3/17)


Black Friday; What Church?

An Extraordinary Thanksgiving; The Importance of Balance  (11/19/17)

"Beginning from Jerusalem"; A Liberal in the Garden of Eden  (11/12/17)


Are You Religious?; Jesus Must Be Seen Through the Eyes of Scripture  (10/29/17)

The Biblical Pattern for the Church  (10/22/17)

"Do Not Quench the Spirit"; Jesus' Blood and Our Baptism  (10/15/17)

One Body  (10/1/17)


Ignorance; "As the Lord Lives..."  (9/24/17)

Remain As You Were Called; So Great a Salvation  (9/17/17)

Singing and Praying with Understanding; What to Do with Truth  (9/10/17)

Divine Abundance; The First Resurrection  (9/3/17)


"And the Door was Shut"; "Jesus Didn't Say It"  (8/27//17)

A Heart Set on God; Time; Dying in the Lord  (8/20/17)

Plain Preaching; A Searching Question  (8/13/17)

The Name; Rejoice in the Lord; Persecuted  (8/6/17)


Difficult Verses 4; Good News About the Kingdom  (7/30/17)

Difficult Verses 3; A Peacemaker  (7/23/17)

Difficult Verses 2; Experts Say...  (7/16/17)

Difficult Verses  1; Exposing Wrong; A Giver  (7/9/17)

Conformed to Christ; What Preachers Need; Merciful  (7/2/17)


Hope; Staying in Style; A Servant  (6/25/17)

Truth  (6/18/17)

Salvation Pairs; "Full of the Holy Spirit"; Alert  (6/11/17)

Lip Service; Life Your Convictions  (6/4/17)


Why So Much Emphasis on the Bible?; Memorial Day; Pure in Heart  (5/28/17)

A Reckless Path; Pew Bibles; Meek  (5/21/17)

Sources of Strength; A Mourner  (5/14/17)


I Can Read...Can You?; Respecting God's Word; Poor in Spirit  (4/30/17)

Pictures of Jesus' Death  (4/16/17)

"Lord, I Believe"; The Importance of Obedience; Enduring Trials  (4/9/17)

Warnings from Hebrews; Proverbs 29:18; Keep Your Clothes  (4/2/17)


If I Am Lost; Wash Your Robe  (3/19/17)

"The Lord Opened Her Heart"; Forgiven  (3/12/17)

Facts and Feelings; Consider; Stumbling over Jesus  (3/5/17)


Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals; Work in Quiet Fashion  (2/26/17)

Truth Has the Correct Answer; Must-haves; Doers of the Word  (2/12/17)

Unprincipled Men; Believing Bible Testimony  (2/5/17)


Delivering on Promises; Ecumenism; Reading Our Bibles  (1/29/17)

"Blameless in His Time"; A Note about Complaining; Hungry for Righteousness  (1/22/17)

Worship; Then Came the Application; The Blessed Man  (1/15/17)

Immediately; Fruitless Discussion  (1/8/17)

Hope; God Is the God of...  (1/1/17)