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Remember Jesus; "The Chief of Sinners"  (12/25/16)

God's Word Works; David's Bedtime Prayer  (12/18/16)

Keep Going; Does Obeying Conditions Earn Blessings?  (12/11/16)

Unmasking False Prophets; Understand the Will of the Lord  (12/4/16)



Holy Spirit Baptism or Water Baptism?; Overflowing  (11/27/16)

He Forgot Him; "In His Own Way"  (11/20/16)

Put God First; When Church Is Boring  (11/13/16)

Can We Understand the Bible Alike?; Responses to Jesus' Teaching  (11/6/16)


"They Walk As Their Fathers Taught Them"  (10/30/16)

False Hope for Eternity; Imitate What Is Good  (10/23/16)

Jesus Is Coming: When?; The Old Paths  (10/16/16)

Jesus Is Coming: Where?; The Church Is a Lampstand  (10/9/16)

Jesus Is Coming: How?; Three Follow-up Questions  (10/2/16)


Jesus Is Coming: Why?; "Just As I Am"  (9/25/16)

Jesus' Identity Proved by Fulfilled Prophecy  (9/18/16)

"That's Just Your Interpretation"; Tomorrow  (9/11/16)


"God Has No Religion"; Inseparable Things  (8/21/16)

Am I Willing to Accept the Truth?; Repentance Only  (8/14/16)

Love's Struggle; It Is Not Enough  (8/7/16)


The Church of Christ and Salvation; Our Values  (7/31/16)

Good News; Sincerity  (7/24/16)

Pay Close Attention to Yourself; 1 John 2:19 and Once Saved, Always Saved  (7/17/16)

Three Crucifixions; 2 + 2 = 5  (7/10/16)

Offended by the Truth; Faith, Hope, and Love  (7/3/16)


Obedience; A Sanctuary?  (6/26/16)

Just Like Jesus; Speaking of Things Concerning the Kingdom  (6/19/16)

Social Circles  (6/12/16)

Excusing Sin; Keep Heart  (6/5/16)


Heart Problems; The Preacher's Spirit  (5/29/16)

The Perfect Church  (5/22/16)

Neglect; My Kind of Preaching  (5/15/16)

In the Beginning, God; Compassion, Not a Sacrifice  (5/8/16)

Does It Matter What We Believe?  (5/1/16)


Amoris Laetitia; Boycotts  (4/24/16)

Interpreting Figurative Language; Come and See  (4/17/16)

Literal or Figurative?  (4/10/16)

Consider All the Bible Says; Peace and Safety  (4/3/16)

Read Carefully; How Many Churches?  (3/27/16)
Consistent Interpretation; What Is the Bible?  (3/20/16)
Let Scripture Explain Scripture; Whose Problem Is It?  (3/6/16)

What Is the Context?  (2/28/16)
Context; Five Trustworthy Statements  (2/21/16)
Bible Hermeneutics; God's Mystery  (2/14/16)
The Layout of the Bible; Sobriety  (2/7/16)

Attitudes in Bible Study; An Outline of Titus 2  (1/31/16)
Motives in Bible Study; Denominationalism in the 1st Century?  (1/24/16)

The Value of Bible Study; Rest for Your Souls  (1/17/16)
Now Is the Day of Salvation; Our Daily Bread  (1/10/16)